Der Schüleraustausch an unserer Schule hat Tradition. Lesen Sie auf diesen Seiten, was den Schülern in diesem Bereich alles möglich ist. 


Brief einer Austauschschülerin aus der südafrikanischen Union

Hello, my name is Carolien Yntema and I come from South Africa. I live in the southern part of South Africa, about 45km from the Mother city, Cape Town. My home language is Afrikaans, which is close to Dutch.

I am an exchange student with FSA Youth Exchange and I will be in Germany for 4 weeks. We are about 140 students from South Africa (between the ages of 15 to 18) in Germany at the moment.

The reason why I came to Germany is because FSA only exchanges with Germany, but that suited me just fine because I have always been fascinated with European countries. This is my first exchange experience and I had the option to stay for a month or for three month. I felt that three month away from my family and friends was too long for me, so I decided a month is good! An exchange is really fun but it also has its hard parts. I mean the adapting is the hard part. It’s so different than home. 

In Germany I live with Michelle Schaar and her family in Redekin. So far it’s been fun and everything is going great, we get along just fine! At home I live in a big town so for me it’s a lot different in a small town like Redekin.

I can’t speak German so the communication is quiet hard, but each day I learn new words and I hope by the time I go home I can say: I can speak German.

If you or someone you know would like to take part in an exchange to South Africa you can visit this websites: or

Thank You to everyone for receiving me so friendly.

Carolien Yntema